Running an agricultural enterprise is hard in itself with so many aspects that require thorough planning and execution. Kamtrac covers all the bases, from land preparation to harvest and sales.

Land Preparation 

We ensure a clean field for you to begin farming.


Planting, spraying and fertilizer application is covered by us. 

Input Supply

We supply specialized seeds, fertilizers, herbicides, and more to ensure smooth farming and top yield for our clients. 

Harvest & Post Harvest

We provide reaping, threshing and hauling services.

"Let's make your agricultural investments more profitable!"

We bring together both farmers and buyers to achieve economies scale.


Our specialists render technical and commercial advisory services. 

Produce Marketing

We provide all the operations involved to move produce, raw materials and derivatives from the farm to the final consumers. 

World-class Equipment

We have world-class equipment for all your agricultural needs. From tractors to harvesters, we have your ease in mind.