Input Supply

Improving access to quality farm inputs is critical to expanding farming efficiency, optimal crop yield while also addressing food security challenges. In order to fill the critical gap, Kamtrac has developed tools to improve the delivery of quality farm inputs to farmers in an efficient and timely manner. These agricultural inputs range from improved seeds, fertilizers and crop protection chemicals to machinery.

  •    SEEDS


Seeds are critical to successful crop production and inevitably, farm productivity and profitability.

We supply different ranges of quality and affordable seeds according to the demand of our clients. Some of the seeds we supply are genetically modified to resist certain pests and improve yield.


Fertilizers & Chemicals

Before we supply,

Our experts will ensure a test is performed on the farmland to determine the soil type and the fertilizer that is suitable for optimum crop yield. We also supply chemicals (pesticides, herbicides, insecticides and fungicides) that that protect crops from weed species, harmful insects and plant diseases.


Machinery & Equipment

Similarly as with fertilizers,

It might be hard for farmers to have access to quality and affordable farm machinery such as pumping machines. We have developed mutual relationships with a lot of manufacturers to meet the demand of the farmers.